Tour Duration : 16 days Tour Code : (MD-009)

This amazing and adventure journey will take you right into the heart of a friendly land, where exceptional hospitality is guaranteed. Our adventure begins in the charming colonial city of YANGON (Rangoon), British Colonial architecture but now, the main commercial city of Myanmar.

And then continues with a drive through the rural countryside to the magnificent GOLD ROCK, one of Myanmar’s most sacred pilgrimage sites. You will climb along a small path, enjoying views across the surrounding area before witnessing this huge rock covered with gold leaf.

One of the best archaeological site as attraction is situated in Rakhine State, on the South-Western part of Myanmar.

The west region of the Rakhine state and its vicinity can be explored by flying to SITTWE from YANGON. MRAUK OO can be reached via Sittwe, the capital of Rakhine State.  Taking the approx. 6 hours boat ride will reach you to Mrauk Oo. You will enjoy the local boat, scenery along the Kaladan River and the river villages along the journey. Mrauk Oo: Apart from the archaeologically rich 14th century-temples, the countryside in and around Mrauk Oo are filled with fascinating sites, friendly people and simple village life. The most impressive of these historical edifices is the Shitthaung Temple, a fortress-like temple known for its labyrinth of tunnels while the Andawthein Ordination Hall, Ratanabon Pagoda, Dukkhanthein and Laymyetnha are other sites of cultural and archaeological value. A return boat journey via Kaladan River will bring you back to Sittwe.

And INLE LAKE, one of the most spectacular lakes in Southeast Asia and which is probably most remembered for its Intha fishermen and their extraordinary one-legged boat rowing techniques. You will find the local peoples and landscape beyond your imagination. Inle Lake is the grand finale with its bustling local markets, handicrafts, stilted villages and breathtaking views. The village of Indein is a tourist destination for the ruins of ancient pagodas, and Nyaung Oak is one of them.

MANDALAY, the last royal capital – the culture center and ancient capital of Amarapura, a royal capital founded before Mandalay, the collection of alms at Amarapura and the 600 painted pagodas and monasteries at Sagaing, After a short crossing the Myit Nge river is reached then Inwa and enjoy the view over the surrounding countryside with a horse-cart, visit the world largest bell in the ancient city of Mingun.

The tour finishes at BAGAN, the richest archaeological sights in Asia and savoring the sunrise from the upper terrace of the temple is an experience not soon forgotten. Continuing to Mount Popa, we visit this famous Nat shrine and join the local pilgrims on a walk to the top. From the top there are amazing views of the plains of Bagan and distant hills.


  • Wander through the colonial charm of Yangon
  • Explore Shwedagon Pagoda with its golden stupa
  • Viewpoint, or more popularly known as Point is perhaps the most well known attraction in Sittwe
  • Mrauk Oo, One of the best archaeological sites as attraction is situated in Rakhine State, on the South-western part of Myanmar.
  • Explore pristine Inle Lake and walk through the beautiful scenery of the Shan Plateau to Inle Lake.
  • Witness the sunset from the top of Mandalay Hill
  • Attend a morning alms collection at a monastery outside Mandalay
  • Walk among the wonders at Sagaing, home to 600 pagodas and monasteries
  • Witness the sunset from the top of Mandalay Hill
  • Discover one of the finest collections of temples in South East Asia at Bagan

(Day 01) Yangon (By Car)

Arrive Yangon with morning flight and full day sightseeing in Yangon. Overnight in Yangon.

Upon arrival, Myanmar Damsel tour guide welcomes you at Yangon int’l airport and offers you any assistance needed before leaving the Arrivals terminal, you will be on your way to check into your hotel to drop off your luggage.

In the afternoon, visit begins in the former Burmese Capital Yangon. You will drive through Yangon’s busy roads and take a glimpse of the hustle downtown, Mahabandoola


Park, Town Hall. See the magnificent colonial buildings of Victorian & Edwardian era architecture. This introductory drive will end with a stop near SULE PAGODA – dating back over 2,000 years ago, for brief photo taking. Next, visit BOTATAUNG PAGODA, named after the 1000 military leaders who escorted relics of the Buddha from India over 2000 years ago.

Next, photo stop at Royal Lake with the background of the famous Shwedagon Pagoda. Finally visit sunset at Shwedagon Pagoda, the finest of Yangon and perhaps the most stunning religious edifice in the world. Take your time to enjoy seeing this impressive feature and watching local people. Stroll on its platform surrounded by set of smaller temples, shrines and pavilions, and observe numerous shops along the stairways selling various colorful items, flowers and books. As the sun sets, the reddish golden rays of Shwedagon reflect on everything around and turning into a magical arena. Great photo time & a moment to take away with you. Overnight in Yangon.


Day (2) Yangon/ Kyaikhtiyho (By car and truck)

By vehicle from Yangon to Kyaikhtiyo with sightseeing in Bago. Overnight in Kyaikhiyo.


After breakfast at your hotel, overland drive to Kyaikhtiyo to go to the Golden Rock (121 miles, and approx. 4 hours drive). On the way, we visit to Htaukkyant War Cemetery and  head to four seated Buddha images Kyaikpun Pagoda and Shwetharlyaung, built in 994 AD by King Mingadippa. It is 55 meters long and 16 meters high, one of the biggest reclining Buddha image in Myanmar. Then proceeded to Shwemawdaw Pagoda. Afterwards continue drive to Kyaikhtiyoe which a small pagoda significant in size but unique for its position. The rock is completely covered by gold leaf and delicately balanced on the edge of the cliff. Arrive at the base camp and proceed to the last point by open light truck about an hour mountain drive. Take a light trekking up to the Golden Rock along the twisting footpath through bamboo forest. Arrive Golden rock slowly and take photo & video camera. Enjoy sunset beauty on hill top. Overnight in Kyaikhtyio (Golden Rock).

Day (3) Kyaikhtiyo/Bago/Yangon (by truck and car)

Drive back to Yangon. Overnight in Yangon.


After breakfast at Hotel, return by truck to Kin Pun Base camp. Drive back to Yangon (approx: 4 hrs). On the way to Yangon, by passing Bago and proceed to Yangon. Overnight in Yangon.

Day (4) Yangon/Sittwe (by car and flight)

Transfer to airport for a flight to Sittwe. Transfer to hotel. Sightseeing in Sittwe. Overnight in Sittwe.

pyi lone chan thar pagoda

Breakfast at Hotel, transfer to Airport to take a flight to Sittwe (07:30 – 08:55), upon arrival, transfer to your hotel in Sittwe. After refreshments at Hotel, begin our sightseeing first to Cultural Museum – the introduction to the geographical and cultural value of the area. Next visit to a Buddhist monastery to see the best collections of antique items of the region and traditional hand weaving cottage industry. Late in the afternoon we will visit the most famous pagoda “Pyi-lone-chan-tha” means ” everyone is wealthy and peaceful”. In the evening, visit around the town and enjoy the sunset from view point. Overnight in Sittwe.

Day (5) Sittwe/Mauk Oo (by boat)

Transfer to jetty for a charter boat to Mrauk Oo. Upon arrival Transfer to hotel. Overnight in Mrauk Oo.


After breakfast at Hotel, transfer to jetty for a chartered boat trip on the Kaladan river  (70 km, 5-6 hours upstream) to the ancient capital of Mrauk  Oo. On the way, stop at Mro or Khamee (one of the tribe of RAKHINE) village to see rural way of life.  Upon arrival, transfer to Hotel. Overnight in Mrauk Oo.

Day (6) Mrauk Oo (by car)

Full day sightseeing in Mrauk Oo. Overnight in Mrauk Oo.


After breakfast, tour ancient city includes remains of walls, gateways and the unusual 16th century temples such as Chitthaung Stupa, Anndaw Thein, Lemyathna, Laumgbwunn-byauk, Chinkaik Pitaka, Bodi Shwegu, Ratana Manaung, Sakya Manaung. Afternoon sightseeing,  visit to Palace Site, Zina manaung, Min Khamaung Temple, Anuma Lake, Laksay Kan, Wuthay Image, Pharabaw, Lawka Manaung. Finally, enjoy sunset at Shwe Taung Hill with overview of the Mrauk Oo City. Overnight in Mrauk Oo.

Day (7) Mrauk Oo/Face tattoo chin village/Mrauk Oo (by car and boat)

Excursion to Face Tattoo Chin Village by boat. Overnight in Mrauk Oo.

tatto on face

After breakfast, we head out early in the morning by road to Sin Oh Village through colorful paddy field. Villages in this region are hidden under the trees of lemon,  mango, lychee and etc. Farm of corn, peanut, watermelon are widely grown on the fertilized soil of the river bank. Afterwards, transfer to Mrauk Oo jetty, leave for Chin village (3 hours boat ride) up to Leymro river. Proceed to Chin Village, sightseeing around the village, women with Tattoo, traditional, living style (almost going to be fall down houses are prop by bamboo). En route, you can experience the meandering river like a snake, 90 degree vertical up right standing mountains, flying birds, crystal clear water with pebbles and fishes. Picnic lunch in a bamboo house in Sin Gay village and back to Mrauk Oo with the sunset on the river. Overnight in Mrauk Oo.

Day (8) Mrauk Oo/Sittwe/Yangon (by boat, car and flight)

Transfer to jetty for a charter boat to Sittwe. Upon arrival transfer to airport for a flight back to Yangon. Transfer to hotel. Overnight in Yangon.


After breakfast, visit Mrauk Oo market, and then transfer to jetty to enjoy a downriver journey return to Sittwe. Upon arrival, transfer to Airport to take a flight to Yangon. Transfer to Hotel in Yangon. Overnight in Yangon.

Day (9) Yangon/Heho/Inle Lake (by flight, car and boat)

Transfer to airport for a morning flight to Heho. Upon arrival, transfer to hotel. Full day boat trip on the Inle Lake. Overnight in Inle.


Breakfast at hotel. Transfer to Yangon Airport for a domestic flight to HEHO (08:00-09:15). Proceed by car to NYAUNG SHWE (25 km – 1 hour) – a gateway to Inle Lake, a freshwater lake in the heart of Shan Highlands.  En route stop at the Monastery Shwe Yan Pyay built entirely of teak, and then transfer to your hotel by long tail private boat (approx. 30 mins). After brief refreshments at Hotel, you enjoy an excursion by boat on INLE LAKE will include admiring the sight of famous leg-rowers, typical floating gardens, local methods of fishing, village life and magnificent scenery, and next the weaving village Inpawkhon, the Jumping cats Monastery.  Finally visit Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, the holiest religious site in Southern Shan State. Return to Hotel. Overnight in Inle.

Day (10) Inle/Intein/Sae Ma Village/Inle (by boat)

Excursion by boat on Inle Lake to Indein and Sae Ma Village. Overnight in Inle.


After breakfast at Hotel, visit one of the 5 Days Rotation Market (only on market day), the market rotates its location on a 5 day basis and attracts vendors from around the lake and its surroundings. Afterwards, you will be taken to INDEIN, at the western end of the Lake. The boat takes you through a long channel where you can watch the farms cultivate their produce and then leading to the hidden INDEIN temple complex. Located on the shore of the lake, this site consists of hundreds of small stupas overgrown by moss and greens. The population density in INDEIN is very little and the villagers earn their living with agriculture and you will see their traditional life style. Continue on foot past rice fields to the village of SAE MA, stopping to explore the village and the local school. In the afternoon meet the people in the villages on the lake and visit to one of the monasteries to observe the monastic activities. Return by boat to hotel. Overnight in Inle.

Day (11) Inle/Heho/Mandalay (by boat, car and boat)

Transfer to airport for a late morning flight to Mandalay. Upon arrival, transfer to hotel. Half day sightseeing in Mandalay. Overnight in Mandalay.


After breakfast at Hotel, transfer to Airport (30 km, 1 hr) to take a short flight to Mandalay (09:30 – 10:05). Upon arrival, tour begins at MAHAMUNI PAYA, the most revered Buddha statue in entire Myanmar. The whole image, except, the face is covered with thick layers of gold foils; a token of the devotees’ intense faith to Buddha. Worshippers flock daily to the shrine at four in the morning to observe the unique face-washing ceremony. En route to the Hotel, stop to observe the laborious process of GOLD-LEAF BEATING,where gold is painstakingly hammered into tissue-thin squares , bronze-casting, marble-carving, wood-carving, or puppetry.

After refreshment at Hotel,continue to SHWENANDAW KYAUNG (Golden Palace Monastery), a delicately carved wooden building and KUTHODAW PAGODA (the world’s largest book), consisting of 729 marble slabs engraved with Buddhist scriptures. Finally, visit MANDALAY HILL at Sunset. Up on the hill, you find a scenic view of the city, the plains surrounding it, the Shan Mountain, as well as the Ayeyarwaddy River, especially great at sunset. Overnight in Mandalay.

Day (12) Amarapura/Inwa/Sagaing (by car, boat and horse-cart)

Excursion to three ancient capitals Amarapura, Inwa and Sagaing. Overnight in Mandalay.

Sagaing Division - Sagaing hills from Ayeyarwaddy river

Breakfast at Hotel, this morning tour begins with visit three former royal capitals, Amarapura, Inwa and Sagaing with its own unique atmosphere.

In the morning, head to ancient capital of AMARAPURA, a royal capital founded before Mandalay. Firstly, we take you to MAHAGANDAYON MONASTERY; every day at mid-morning, monks and novices line up to receive their daily offering of alms and food from faithful Buddhists. Then, proceed to two-century old U-Bein teak bridge on the Taungtaman Lake. Take a leisurely walk over the bridge and enjoy the panoramic view of Taungthaman Lake and surrounding. Next visit weaving industries, a traditional silk & cotton weaving.

Afterwards, Proceed to INWA, 30-minute to the south of Mandalay, was known in the west as the Kingdom of Ava. Stop by a tributary and cross it with a ferry. Travel by pony-cart around Ava to Nanmyint leaning tower which gives a birds’ eye view of the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River; Bagaya wooden monastery; Aungmyaybonzan Monastery made of brick and stucco. Though the Royal Palace has gone, the Pagodas, Temples and Monasteries still remain.  Afterwards, drive to SAGAING, the spiritual center of Myanmar. Hundreds of stupas, monasteries, temples and nunneries are to be found in Sagaing Hill, sometimes known as a living Bagan. Thousands of monks and nuns retreat here for meditation and contemplation. Stop at some of the most famous temples, such as TUPAYON PAYA and HSINMYASHIN PAYA (the Pagoda of Many Elephants).  Return drive to Mandalay and see the silversmith work place on our way back to hotel. Overnight in Mandalay.

Day (13) Mandalay/Bagan (by express shuttle boat)

Transfer to jetty for an express shuttle cruise to Bagan. Upon arrival, transfer to hotel. Overnight in Bagan.


Early morning at 5:00 am, transfer to jetty to take the express boat (down river journey takes 7 to 10 hours depending on the ferry, water level and weather condition) to Bagan. This boat journey allows visitors to experience ways of life and a different phase to enjoy one’s visit of Myanmar. After a day river cruise on the AYEYARWADDY, you reach Bagan. Thousands of decaying pagodas rises majestically from the plain to create a timeless scene, saluting a glorious past. On arrival at Bagan jetty transfers to hotel for check in and overnight in Bagan.

Day (14) Bagan (by car)

Full day discovery in Bagan. Overnight in Bagan.


After breakfast at Hotel, begins the tours at colorful Nyaung U Market, Shwezigon Pagoda and its magnificent golden stupa, Htilominlo Temple noted for its fine plaster carvings and glazed sand stone decoration, Gubyaukgyi Temple, with superb mural paintings of jataka scenes.

In the afternoon, visit to Myinkaba Village and observe the process of Traditional Lacquer ware Industry one of Myanmar’s best-known handicrafts. Ananda Temple, an architectural masterpiece of the early-style temple with four impressive standing Buddha images. Thabinnyu Temple, the highest temple in Bagan, Dhammayangyi Temple noted for its remarkable brickwork. Enjoy sunset over the site from the upper terrace of Shwesandaw Pagoda. Overnight in Bagan.

Day (15) Bagan/Sale/Mt. Popa/Bagan (by car)

Excursion to Sale and Mt. Popa. Overnight in Bagan.


After breakfast at hotel, drive to Sale, a town which develops during the late Bagan area. Worth a visit is the Yoke Sone monastery with its exceptional wood carving on the outside of the building. And visit to And continue to Mount Popa, an extinct volcano with its shrines dedicated to animist spirits known as “Nats”. For the energetic, time to climb up the 777 steps to the shrine at the top of the volcanic plug. Return back to Bagan (48 km-1 and half hours) in the afternoon. En route stop at village cottage industry to learn the regional product as well as to watch the collection of juice from the palm trees, and its conversion to brown sugar. Overnight in Bagan.

Day (16) Bagan/Yangon departure (by flight)

Transfer to airport for a morning flight back to Yangon. Guide and car at your disposal within city limit and then transfer to Yangon International Airport for your departure flight.


After early morning breakfast at Hotel, transfer to Airport for a flight to Yangon (07:00-08:20), upon arrival, transfer to hotel where some rooms will be at your disposal to refresh up before departure. Afterwards, visit to Bogyoke Market (Scott’s Market) where you can find local products such as Gems & Jewellery, slippers, cloth, and so on. Then transfer to the Yangon International Airport for the departure flight to conclude this unique experience.

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