Tour Duration : 15 Days / 14 Nights Tour Code : PT # 06

Tour Program NamePhangranRazi Expedition
TypeAdventure Trekking/Mountaineering
Trip CodePT # 06
CoveragePutao – Ziyadum – Mt. PhangranRazi – Putao
Duration15 Days / 14 Nights
AvailabilityNov – May
Grade Extremely Demanding


Mt. PhangranRazi– Towering 14200 feet above the sea is one of the most demanding peak to scale among the many peaks in the region. Generally covered with snow between November and May is about 56 mile North West of Putao near Myanmar – Indian border. The remoteness and difficult accessibility of the region has helped to maintain the pristine purity of it forest and eco-systems. The richness of its biodiversity deserves to be maintained and fostered in the interest of coming generations and present unparalleled opportunities to present-day professionals in the field of zoology, botany, forestry, environmental protection, conservation and ecology as well as hardy eco-tourists and mountaineers who prefer the challenge of a testing back-packing trip in the mountain fastness of Myanmar to a tour of routine attractions in the more accessible urban centers.

Draft Itinerary


DayParticular of Itinerary
01Arrival, transfer to hotel. Walking tour in and around Putao
02By jeep to upper Shangaung, challenging trek to Wasandum
03Easy trek to Ziyadum via Awadum through evergreen forests
04Trek to camp I through deep evergreen forest and cold creeks
05Trek to camp II, through sub tropical lowland forests and river bank
06Trek to camp III, crawling up and down side to side of the river
07Trek to camp IV through challenging terrain and strenuous path
08Trek to base camp crawling up toward high elevation
09Scale to the summit Mt. Phangran, return back to camp IV
10Down steam trek to camp II by the bank and cross shoulders
11Trek to Ziyadum, through deep evergreen forests
12Easy trek to Wasandum via Awadum and Kalang across suspension bridges
13Having left the wilderness behind and returning to the clutches of civilization
14Excursion Mulashidi, interact with locals and visit suspension bridge
15Transfer to airport for your onwards departure

Detail Itinerary

Day 1 Arrival, Putao

trekking-to-namhsan-hsipawUpon arrival at Putao airport we will be met by Putao Trekking House’s representative and transferred to our lodge. Putao lies in a flat valley, jumping-off point for trekkers who want to explore the region’s deep forests, wildlife sanctuaries and snow-capped mountains etc. Putao town and fort  built during 1914-15 by Commissioner Mr. Hertz along with Fort which later known as Fort Hertz. Later a Missionary basing the Rawan and Lisu tribe as initial and introduce Grapefruit, Washington Naval, Vlincha Orange, Ruby Oranges, King Orange and King Mandarin plus America Lime were introduced. After a brief fresh up take a walk around Putao for the orientation. Dinner and overnight at Putao Lodge.

Day 2 Putao - Shangaung - Wasandum - (elevation 1450 feet to 4600 feet, then to 2850 feet)

Putao-2-600x400Early in the morning we visit attractive Putao market often fills with colorful ethnic minorities. Later we depart by jeep to upper Shangaung, 10½ mile through the valley across several smaller villages and open fields. Our adventure starts as we get off the jeep and trek to Wasandum, located at 2844 feet above sea. This is considered a challenging trek as not only it goes toward the shoulder of Mt, Shangaung at 4606 feet (14½ mile, approx. 7 hour). First 6 miles will be straight up along the trail winding up to the top of Mt. Shangaung from then trail goes all the way down to Wasandum located at the Valley of Namro River. Through the trek itself is challenging but we enjoy the trek goes deep in to primary forests where we see many birds and heard sounds of monkeys in the near distance. Wasandum is a small Rawan tribe village situates by Namro creek. Dinner and overnight at Wasandum guest house.

Day 3 Wasandum - Awadum – Ziyadum - (elevation 2850 feet to 3540 feet)

Putao-Malikha-RiverBreakfast and we trek to our today destination at Ziyadum, located at 3540 feet above sea. At first we cross Namro creek to Awadum I (3 mile, approx. 2 hour). Awadum is mainly inhabited by Lisu and separate in to two by a large paddy field. From here we walk pass vast paddy field to Awadum II (1½ mile, approx. one hour). From here the trail goes through lush evergreen forests and enjoyable scenery towards Ziyadum (5½ mile, approx. 3 hour). Ziyadum is the most northwestern and last frontier village in Putao region, mainly resident are Rawan tribes. After a brief fresh up we visit Ziya creek for a fantastic sunset view with a blazing snow Mountains in the west which spark into steady flowing Ziya creek. Dinner and overnight at Ziyadum guest house.

Day 4 Ziyadum – Camp I - (elevation 3540 feet to 4150 feet)

0 0 0 a a a 10Puta- O3Breakfast and we set off for camp I, located at 4140 feet above sea. Trail goes through lush tropical rain forests. After a couple of hour trek we reach at Phangran creek which we will be following next several days until reach camp IV. At this point we change our hiking boots into sneakers as we will have to cross the creek every now and then. After about 5 long hours trek ups and downs through the bank, times and again cross the cold water creek we reach our today destination at camp I. Quick dry up and relax at camp fire while our crew prepare for the night meal and accommodation. Dinner and overnight at camp.

Day 5 Camp I – Camp II - (elevation 4150 feet to 4480 feet)

PutaotrekkingEnjoy morning beauty of the nature surrounding while our crew prepare breakfast. We set off for today destination camp II, situates at 4480 feet above sea. After about 6 hour trek through the creek, ups and downs, from one side of the river bank in to another, we finally arrive at camp II. As usual quick dry up and relax at camp fire while your team pitches the tents and prepare for the night meal. Dinner and overnight at camp II.

Day 6 Camp II – Camp III – Cave camp - (elevation 4480 feet to 5330 feet, then to 7400 feet)

P1120140-400x260We enjoy another beautiful morning of lush evergreen forest with a backdrop of high mountains in the far below the mist. Breakfast and we set off for camp III, locate at 5330 feet above sea. Trek mostly goes up through the creek, side to the valley, back down to the creek etc. Lunch stop and continue our today destination at Cave Camp locates at 7400 feet above sea. After 7 challenging hour trek we finally reach the camp. As usual while we quick dry up at camp fire, rest of the team prepare for the night meal and accommodation. Dinner and overnight at camp.

Day 7 Cave camp - Camp IV or Chaungzone Camp - (elevation 7400 feet to 9570 feet)

putao-02If you wake up early to witness the sun rising up from the horizon to make a beautiful painting having thick, dark jungle one side and blazing Snow Mountains on the other. Breakfast and once again we set off for our today destination camp IV, locate at 9570 feet above sea. We find journey today will be the most challenging one as the trek goes up steady and the water filled creek now become much smaller, sometime disappear into large boulders and occasional waterfalls. After a hard and long day on the rough terrain we finally reach camp IV (located at the bottom of the snowcapped mountains). As usual we warm up with a camp fire as weather at this altitude is freezing cold. Night meal and overnight at camp.

Day 8 Camp IV – Base camp - (elevation 9570 feet to 12000 feet, then to 12200 feet)

TrekkingBefore start the trek we have to prepare for the climbing as from now on we will be on the snowline for next two days. Breakfast and trek to the base camp. About two hour trek we reach at a small plateau at elevation 12000 feet above sea, from where the view is gorgeous with many glaciers around. At this point we witness the peak of Mt. PhangranRazi right ahead of us towering high in the horizon. This is the last spot to make decision whether or not we should continue trek to the summit since the weather changes at this point is rapid and further journeys may or may not be feasible due to weather and snow condition. Should we decide go forward then have to form a smaller team with stronger members. Continue trek through the down slope and then to steady up for about 3 to 4 hours to reach at base camp located at 12200 feet above sea. The so-called base camp has not to offer in terms of overnight or making fire but just a small stone cave with space large enough to pitch two medium sized tents. Light dinner and overnight at camp.

Day 9 Base camp – Summit Mt. Phangran – Camp IV - (elevation 12200' to 14200', then to 9570 feet)

PutaoTrekking2Try to make the summit at 14200 ft, at first day light to beat the weather change. The route will be steady up on a narrow shoulder of stone based peak. The gusty wind may make this short trek challenging as you will have to stay on relatively narrow cliff. If you are lucky you will reach to the summit by still early hour in the morning. Try to stay some time on the top, make record of the success ascend as not many others has ever scale this mountain. Start descend steady to the base camp and continue back to camp IV. Warm coffee and refreshments should await you as we reach the camp. A sumptuous dinner should plan along with celebrating bonfire. Dinner and overnight at camp.

Day 10 Camp IV - Camp II

IceMountainsPutaoWe bit our farewell to mighty one and set off for camp II, passing by camp III. Return journey will be faster although by no mean easier having descended from 9570 feet to 4480 feet. With much of ups and down and un-countable water cross we finally reach to our today destination at camp II. Dinner and overnight in tents.

Day 11 Camp II –Ziyadum

CityHightLight_dc0b71f1-ee8b-4d6a-a240-eb1ae383254dWe should have a relaxing morning as the distance to day will be much shorter. Early lunch and we set off for Ziyadum as usual crossing cold water creek, hiking ups and down the valley etc. The more we descend down the swifter current became which actually make water cross rather challenging one if not dangerous. Once we get off the water and in to the jungle and after a couple of walk we finally reach Ziya plateau with a smoke from the farm which will be the first message of civilization. Hot shower and a warm bed by all mean will be of a greatest reward. We relax through the afternoon by washing and reading. We have a celebrating dinner over bonfire and we enjoy comfortable night after spend several nights in harsh condition and crawling in a tent. Overnight at Ziyadum guest house.

Day 12 Ziyadum – Wasandum

mqdefaultWe have a lazy morning to enjoy the site and sounds of this frontier environment. After early lunch we bid farewell to the locals and head back to Wasandum. Here we took a different route which goes through Kalang (4 mile, approx. 2 hour) through primary forests and cross Phangran creek with suspension bridge. After Kalang we again had to cross another suspension bridge which span Namlang (Mula) river to Awadum I (7 mile, approx. 3 hour). We have lunch at this village and later trek back to our Wasandum guest house (3 mile, approx. 1½ hour) for the night. Dinner and overnight at Wasandum guest house.

Day 13 Wasandum – Shangaung – Putao

12Having left the wilderness behind and returning to the clutches of human civilization. As soon as we start the trek goes challenging uphill to the plateau of Mt. Shangaung, before continuing rapidly downhill to Shangaung where our driver meets us and takes us back to Putao. Dinner and overnight at Putao Lodge.

Day 14 Putao - Machanbaw - Fairy Island - Mulashidi – Putao

1447331809-trekking-from-pindayaEarly in the morning walk to Putao market often busy with local ethnic tribes. Return to hotel, breakfast and depart by jeep through the vast Putao plain on pebbled road to Naungkhine (20 km, one hour). Here we board on local fishermen boat for our downstream journey along Malikha River to so-called Fairy Island through beautiful wilderness surrounding having high reef with lush tropical forests. We return back to the jetty and cross beautiful suspension bridge to visit Machanbaw town and market. Our jeep will take you to Mulashidi (21 mile, one hour). Mulashidi, meaning in Lisu “the village stands in the thatch field along Mula River” has been over 50 year since it built by the missionary. Walk around this unique village and enjoy scenery from Mulashidi suspension bridge which spends across Mula River. Here we visit the Church and remaining of the home belong to Father Robert Moss, who introduce Rawan and Lisu tribe to the region. Return back to Putao and check in at hotel. Dinner and overnight at Putao Lodge.

Day 15 Departure

Breakfast and perhaps a last minute shopping at Putao market and further visit in and around Putao with suggestion by our guide. Lunch and we afternoon transfer to airport for our onward departure flight to conclude this unique experience.

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